First Baptist Church Frankfort KY

Our Leadership

Bishop Tiangello Hill

Bishop Tiangello T. Hill is teaching the Word of God with clarity so that people are able to understand, and to act upon the Word, which is the standard of excellence upon which his ministry is based.

Bishop Hill utilizes powerful delivery and newly emerging insights to teach, inspire and channel people to new levels of relationship with Christ. His unique delivery has an appeal that transcends barriers of age, culture and occupation.

Bishop Hill teaches to empower, equip, and encourage believers around the world who love God to stand and display the character of the Savior in power and strength. With a mission to provide salvation, deliverance, healing and restoration through the preaching and teaching of the gospel; Bishop Hill‘s ministry has been broadcasted on The Word Network while also traveling the country sharing the gospel of Christ. In saying this, God has quickly birthed and anointed Bishop Hill to travel nationally in ministry as he’s being constantly sought after both in the country and out of the country.


In 2002 God placed Bishop Hill as the pastor of Pleasant Hill Baptist Church in Albany, Georgia. The Pleasant Hill congregation triumphantly expanded from 200 to over 1,500 members. Also, in the year of 2007 in his obedience to God Bishop Hill became the founder of the Sanctuary of Praise Church of Tifton, Georgia. In spite of the awesome anointing on his life, Bishop Hill is still modest enough to minister to the whole person: spirit, mind, and body. Also, in June of 2009 following the guidance of the Holy Spirit Bishop Hill founded and is the Presiding Prelate of United Christian Fellowship. In 2011, Bishop Hill under the guidance of the Holy Spirt founded the Cathedral of Praise church in the city of Albany, Georgia as well. Also, in 2020 God graced Bishop Hill to become the founding pastor of the Cathedral of Praise Church in Greenville, South Carolina.


Bishop Hill is the author of the following books:

· “Let’s Be Real: The Truth About Church and Church Leadership”

· “Step Out Of The Boat”

· “Before You Do”

Bishop Hill is currently attending the Beulah Heights Seminary in Atlanta, Georgia where he’s pursuing a Bachelors Of Arts Degree. Bishop Hill is also the proud father of one seventeen (17) year old daughter. No matter how he is described, Bishop Tiangello T. Hill is, profoundly affecting the lives of many. What a mighty God we serve!